Case Studies


Orchards Academy

Technology Type: Biomass 975kW
Location: Swanley
Status: ongoing

Summary of Project:
A State school for boys and girls aged 11-18, located in Swanley, Kent, with over 500 pupils.

Install a wood pellet-fuelled 975kW BioPod, in a pre-fabricated plant room, to serve as a base load boiler. The plant room to be located on land adjacent to the existing plant room on the north east side of the school.

Installation of the biomass boiler, converting the Academy from oil to biomass, will save 30% of heating costs and reduce carbon emissions by 90%.

Over the 20-year period of the renewable heat incentive (RHI) the Academy will save £50,000 per annum in heating and maintenance costs.


St Andrew’s Church

Technology Type: Biomass 199kW
Location: Swansea

Summary of Project:
St. Andrew’s Church is located in two former terraced commercial buildings and was originally founded in 1862. It has all of the facilities of a modern, well equipped church including a separate prayer and washing facilities for men and women, a meeting room and a dedicated library. We propose to install a 199kW fixed wood pellet units, which will be housed in the basement store room along with a pellet bunker. The plant will be connected via a heat interface unit (HIU) which will be the point of connection between the new heating systems installed by others and the new biomass system.


Ashburnham Palace

Technology Type: Biomass 400kW
Location: East Sussex

Summary of Project:
Ashburnham Place is an English country house, now used as a Christian conference and prayer centre, five miles west of Battle, Sussex. It was one of the finest houses in the southeast of England in its heyday, but much of the structure was demolished in 1959 and only a drastically reduced part of the building now remains standing. It is proposed to install a 400kW biomass boiler together with a new underground district heating network to feed several buildings within the site. A new wood chip store will be constructed within the end bay of the existing tractor storage shed in the service yard.